First Musings of the Week

Yesterday I didn’t only find out that my funky inner hair color is purple (see comments below), but I also continued working on the third chapter of BEWITCHED. Things moved a bit sluggishly, mostly because the first big turning point happens at the end of that chapter and I sometimes find it a bit hard to write these very important scenes. After all, they define the web of the story and hold the whole thing together. (And I’m always too critical of my own work. *g*)

In the evening I then turned to WOLFENBACH once more and played a little with the ending. For I’ve found that the revised ending that is played out in the manuscript I handed in, doesn’t work quite as well as UNrevised ending I thought I’d better not hand in. Duh. In the revised ending the hero’s change of heart comes rather abruptly, thus robbing the ending of its emotional punch. In the UNrevised ending, however, the hero doesn’t agonize as much over his change of heart. Soooo, I’m planning to insert a little scene that shows him standing on the stairs, gripping the banister tightly, and musing. (“I never knew …”) And agonizing. (Painful closing of eyes and clenched jaw and working of muscles in throat.) And only then is he allowed to drag the heroine off to bed. Or rather, drag her to the big, old grandfather clock and then off to bed. *g*

What I really like about the lead couple in WOLFENBACH is that their relationship — once they manage to make it work — involves a lot of playfulness. In fact, after all the agonizing and high drama, they’re probably the most playful lovers I’ve ever written. And I didn’t even plan it that way! It’s always exciting and interesting to see how things work out and evolve. Somehow, my characters, even though they’re most definitely my creations, always take on a life of their own. This is probably one of the things I like most about writing: you immerse yourself in a story until you’re swept away by the flow of it. :O)