First Kiss

Freshly written scene from the WIP:

“Sarah,” she whispered, her gaze dropping to his mouth. “Call me Sarah.” She glanced back up at him, her expression a curious mixture of nervousness and anticipation.

“Sarah,” he repeated, desire deepening his voice. He searched her eyes, and then slowly, ever so slowly, leaving her plenty of time to protest or turn her head, he leaned forward. “Sarah,” he murmured against her lips.


His mouth covered hers, tentative at first, but as he felt her hand glide up to his shoulder, he became more demanding. He slid from his chair until he knelt in front of her, until he could slide one arm around her, until she moaned softly into his mouth.

He took the chance to deepen the kiss, to taste her, devour her.

Oh God, he couldn’t get enough of her!

Now her hand was in his hair, the other one clutching at his shoulder, kneading his flesh as if to spurn him on.

His heart thundered in his ears, and his chest expanded with all that he felt for this woman until he thought he would burst with the joy of it. Half gasping, half laughing, he broke the kiss to look at her.

Her eyes opened slowly, languid with pleasure.

“Sarah,” he whispered.

She blinked. A smile spread over her face, and all at once she glowed.