Whoohooo! I did it! At 1 a.m. on Tuesday morning I finally finished that dratted romance chapter for my PhD thesis! All ready to hand it in on Tuesday.

Only that my boss was ill so there was nobody to hand it to. Argh! Well, I just left the dratted thing on his desk; I was so not going to take it home with me again and continue agonizing over it (which I would have surely done). Instead, I can now agonize over whether my boss will like it or not. *g*

On Tuesday we also had our central registration day at uni (= The Day from Hell, or The Day Our Department Turns into Bedlam) . I came home and felt as if a large and heavy something had dropped onto my head. A very, very large and heavy something. Which is why I decided to take the day off today and spend the morning reading. :O) Divoured two Lynne Graham novels: dark, brooding Southern-European heroes sulking through the stories, full of dark, brooding thoughts of revenge and intimidating the poor, hapless heroines. It was absolutely lovely! :O)