Favourite Reads of the Past Few Weeks

One of the reasons why I got so hooked on ebooks is the instant gratification factor: buying, downloading, and starting to read a book is a matter of a few minutes. I no longer have to wait several days or weeks for an amazon package. Oh nos, not I! Furthermore, ebooks are cheaper for me thanks to the whole dollar to Euro conversion thing, and they don’t take up any room on my bookshelves. Which all makes me so much more willing to try out new-to-me authors. And with Fictionwise’s Buywise Club and 100% micropay rebates and special discounts and what not, I’m even more willing to try out new-to-me authors. And this is exactly why I’m glomming Suzanne Brockmann these days, as the following list of my favourite reads of the past few weeks shows beyond the shadow of a doubt:

A lot of my friends kept telling me how enjoyable Crusie’s books are, so it was a bit of a disappointment that I didn’t like the two or three books I read at all. However, when I spotted ANYONE BUT YOU on Fictionwise (isn’t that cover cuuuuute?), I decided to give her stories another try. And guess what? I loved ANYONE BUT YOU!!!

My first Brockmann novel, which started the major glom fest that followed. 🙂