Fantastic Finds

Remember my lovely new armchair for the library?

All this time I protected its seat with a pink woolly blanket from kitty claws. A very, very pink woolly blanket. In a lovely shade of pink which clashed uncomfortably with the reddish fabric of the armchair. Not goodz.

So I was on the look-out for another blanket when I found this lovely Clayre & Eef quilt on ebay:

This is the picture from ebay, which was originally even darker than this copy here. As a result the quilt looked somewhat drab, but! those itty-bitty flowers on the backside looked as if they just might be the same shade of red as the fabric of my armchair. Furthermore, the quilt was only 19,99 € (instead of 70 €). And so I finally bought it (took me three days of carefully thinking it over *g*).

Half an hour ago it arrived and, oh my gosh!, it’s gorgeous! And the itty-bitty flowers on the back? They *are* exactly the same shade as the reddish colour of my armchair. 🙂

Me iz happy.

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