Okay … *rubbing my hands* I’m ready to have some fun again in Regency England. But I can’t decide which book to write next. (“Argh! Argh! Argh!” she cried and ran around in circles, pulling her hair.) I’m in the mood to do something lighthearted (so no dark & gloomy paranormals for the time being), and I’ve got a choice of two stories: one is a straight historical (well, as straight as my historicals turn out to be, which isn’t too straight after all *g*) (you might have already read the beginning here), the other a time travel (with a hero who looks like Richard Armitage and a heroine who steals something from a museum) (at first I thought she would steal something from the V&A, then I decided I’d use the Pitt Rivers in Oxford after all – it’s so much stranger than the V&A!).
One heroine is still nameless, the other is called Gilly (short for Gillian, of course) (or perhaps for Gillianna?) and her hero is Richard *nudge nudge wink wink* Shirley, whose estate is called Brooksby Wirce. I haven’t decided yet whether to make him an earl or not (isn’t it nice to be able to decide things like that?). The other hero has an aunt who has travelled through exotic lands and wears big hats.
Hmmm …..