Facts, facts, and even more facts

I saw this on Schrumpfkopf’s blog — well, he listed six things about himself, but I’ve never liked the number 6, and 7’s my favourite number, thus:

Seven Facts about Sandy
  1. Guess what: I love books. 🙂 I love being surrounded by books, I love buying books, I love reading books, and I love writing books.
  2. My favourite cookies: oat cookies with chocolate stripes from Ikea
  3. I wrote my first story when I was four or five. Well, actually, I didn’t write it myself as I couldn’t yet write. Instead I dictated it to my Mum, who had to write it down on a tissue or napkin (we were on a plane).
  4. The Lily Brand was the ninth novel I completed.
  5. I hate it when my desk is messy.
  6. Unfortunately, I’ve got a tendency towards messiness in times of stress.
  7. My teeth are too big for my jaw (my Dad once remarked I had teeth like a horse — thanks, Dad). As a result, eight of them (including all wisdom teeth) had to be removed. Ouch.