Fabio vs. Foucault

A few days ago the Greater Washington Initiative launched a wonderful ad campain to show what a wonderfully intelligent workforce resides in Washington — and out of the blue romance readers and writers revolted. Shocking. You can find a nice and not at all biased summary and commentary on the DCist: Fabio vs. Foucault.

Oh waily, waily, the uneducated masses (i.e. romance readers and writers) dare to speak up. And some of them can *gasp* even form coherent sentences and express their annoyance at being ridiculed yet again. What has the world come to? Of course, if the Greater Washington Initiative would have done their homework in the first place, none of that would have happened. Of course, it’s always easier to make use of stereotypes than to do proper research.

Which reminds me: Dear Ms Goss, didn’t they teach you how to do proper research in law school? What a pity! You might have found out that the term “bodice rippers” refers to romance novels written in the 1970s; that the cover you posted is not a current one, but one from 1999; that Fabio retired from modelling several years ago; and that while Nora Roberts might have had auburn locks to toss in 1980, she is currently perfering a shorter and straighter hairstyle with no locks whatsoever.

As I said: pity.