Exam Time

Sketches on an Exam
Today the students in one of my classes had to write their end-of-term exam. It was so hot and humid in the classroom that I feared either one of my students or I myself would keel over. To prevent myself from swooning, I not only drank one liter of water (which was not such an excellent idea given that I couldn’t go to the restroom for 90 minutes…), but also sketched a couple of unsuspecting students. On the exam. I thought that was fitting. 🙂

(And because my people sketching skills are beyond awful, I can post this sketch here, because those poor students are completely unrecognizable anyway…)

5 thoughts on “Exam Time

  1. Laura Vivanco

    At least they look like people. My best effort would probably involve stick figures.

    I very much approve of having a question which requires a dragon as the answer.

    1. Sandra Schwab

      They do look kinda people-ish, don’t they? Despite those very strange arms. Arms & hands are a PITA to draw – there are all those strange folds and grooves and curves and what not. If you look at an arm long enough it becomes this weird alien thing. Very disconcerting…

      I’ve even managed to put yet another dragonslayer beside St. George into the exam: question #5 deals with Beowulf. 🙂

      1. Laura Vivanco

        The arms look fine to me; it’s the hands that look a little bit odd. But as I said, my attempts would be stick-like so I’m still very impressed. You’ve managed to capture the atmosphere of the exam hall really well: they feel as though they’re concentrating.

  2. azteclady

    I like the sketches very much, you are talented in multiple fields, Ms Schwab!

    Can’t comment on the presence of dragons, as I can’t make out the questions (truly bad eyesight)

    1. Sandra Schwab Post author

      Thanks so much! 🙂

      The dragon question was “Who is the patron saint of England?” (St. George) And, “He’s typically depicted doing what?” (Slaying a dragon.)

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