Evening Chit-Chat

Today I wanted to be good and just write for about 2 hours before cleaning my flat. And mentally preparing myself for going back to teach next week.

Well ….

I took my Alpha Smart (the writing thingy, not the car ;-P ), sat down at my dining table just as the sun miracously peered out from behind the blanket of clouds, and started to write. And suddenly there was this slurping sound – tchurrrrrrrrrr – and just like that the story had sucked me up. And so I continued scribbling away for more or less the whole day. And was LUVVING it! *LOL*

I’m currently in the third chapter, which will mark the end of the exposition: unbeknown to the protagonists, evil will have raised its ghastly head to threaten their existence. At the moment though, I’m still working on the second meeting of Amy & Sebastian. I wanted to describe his attire a little, but when I was thumbing through my fashion books, I had to realize that most pictures are of women’s dresses, and only few or none at all of male clothes. Gargh! So I had to improvise a little (a waistcoat shot with crimson probably wouldn’t have looked that good with the red hair). So here’s a little snippet with some male clothes:

“Don’t tell me you’re already bored, Miss Bourne?”
Her head snapped around. Blue-grey eyes regarded her intently beneath arched cinnamon brows.
Her own brows shot up in surprise. “Mr.” — Carrot. — “Stapleton.”
“Miss Bourne.” He inclined his head and the candlelight ran a fiery path over his hair. When he straightened, she noticed how his dark brown coat accentuated the breadth of his shoulders. A golden floral pattern gleamed on the black waistcoat beneath.
Very stylish.