Escaped from Deadline Hell!

I spent the past few days in deadline hell, scrambling to finish an article that was due on Thursday (didn’t make it till then; I needed a day longer for proofreading and polishing). After weeks and weeks and weeks filled work, today was the first day I could take off and not feel guilty about it. Whew! Let me tell you, the feeling went quite to my head. 🙂

In order to celebrate the finished article, I decided I would order some new watercolours because I recently realised I would be able to modify my trusty waterbox and add a couple more half pans (yay!). So spent an hour or so poring over colour charts (not that I hadn’t thought this through before, but hey, you want to be absolutely, 100% certain that the stuff you’re about to order is really the stuff you want), then I went a bit crazy in my sketchbook thinking about all the crafty DIY stuff I’m going to do to my watercolor box …

double page from my Moleskine sketchbook showing my watercolor box (real size – it’s that small!) with my current palette

 … then I had lunch, then I went shopping for bananas (since I’ve started with Weight Watchers, I can’t have enough bananas at home), then I watched TV (Murder She Wrote) (I LOVE Murder She Wrote – nice and cozy, no disgusting shots of people’s innards, no totally disturbed serial killers) with the kitteh on my nap and my sketchbook right next to me and practiced trees by copying the sketches from James Richards’s Freehand Drawing and Discovery. Though the book is primarily targeted at designers and architects, it is quite useful for interested amateurs *g* as well, for it includes a host of tips how to draw lively urban landscapes. One of the exercises involves trees. So trees I doodled. This is one of the results.

(I added the watercolour later, without the telly and without the cat.) (I really don’t like the way the paper in Moleskine sketchbooks look when you scan the pages and I can’t wait to start a new sketchbook!)