E-Books, here I come!

I’m supposed to correct some more research papers right now. As you can see, I’m a bad girl and am having fun instead (hehe), which includes surfing to www.bookeen.com and admiring their new e-reader, the Cybook Gen 3 (and it’s all Jane’s fault!). After evaluating the situation of my shelf space (uh-oh) and browsing the Mobipocket and Fictionwise online stores (prices in US dollars!!!!!!!), I’m now determined to get an e-book reader for Christmas. (Okay, not for Christmas. For Nikolaus Day on Dec 5. *g*)

Here in Europe there are currently only two e-readers available — the Iliad and the new Cybook. The price for the Iliad is utterly and completely beyond what I’m prepared to spend on such a device. And while the Cybook is still expensive, it’s not outrageously so, given that it works with e-ink and that Bookeen is apparently a relatively small company. In addition, the battery life of the thing is impressive: 8000 page turns! Apart from Mobipocket files, it reads pdf, txt and html, and you can also load and view images. But that’s not all! It also has a built-in MP3 player, which allows you to listen to your favourite music while reading. Not too bad, eh? What really sold me on the Cybook was the sheer number of books you can store on a 2 GB SD card and carry around with you all the time. Wheee!!!! So sometime this week I’m going to take the plunge and order a Cybook. All for myself. And then I’m going to hug it to my breast and lisp and hiss, “My preciousssss.” Hmhm.

Gigi from Ebooks About Everything hast started blogging about her experience with her new Cybook (Part 1 and Part 2)– and it all sounds sooooo good!