This morning I bought one of these uber-cute subnotebooks — the Medion Akoya mini, which were sold today in the shops of the German supermarket chain Aldi. In fact, I was one of the few lucky people who actually got one of the mini notebooks. Apparently, they only had 10 per shop. So yay for me!

And here it is, right next to my normal notebook:

Cute, isn’t it?


… you might have noticed the black display. Hmm-hmm. And that’s where the duh-part comes in: my wonderful, oh-wie-süß mini notebook does not work. It’s broken. Kaputt. (Duh.) When switched on, the dratted thing switches itself off again after three seconds or less. (Duh, duh, duh.)

And of course, my the time I finished talking to somebody from the technical support hotline and we had finally figured that my Medion Akoya mini was most definitely not working, the notebooks had sold out in the Aldi shops (i.e. by 9.30 a.m.). Wheee!

So on Saturday somebody will come and get my cute mini notebook for repairs. It’s a bit depressing, I have to say. :-/

One thought on “Duh

  1. Anonymous

    I feel sorry for you! Honestly!

    Lucky you, having at least a second working computer 🙂

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