Duh …

Even more corrections.

Does this never end???

(Note to self: Be meaner next semester. Much meaner!!! So mean your students quake in their shoes when you enter the room! Or better: be so mean they run screaming out of the room!) (Really, it wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t have to teach 50 people per course… *sigh*)

3 thoughts on “Duh …

  1. Kate

    Could be worse – lots of undergrad lectures back home in Canada have literally hundreds of students in them.

    Totally random question, when you’re marking your exams, do you do one question for all the papers then move onto the next question, or do you do one whole person’s exam then move onto the next person’s?

  2. Sandy

    Kate, the problem is that these courses are not intended as lecture courses. These are conversation courses. What’s even worse, our seminars are just as big. (Not to mention the increasing workload for which we are not paid…)

    RE correcting exams: with this I do one question for all tests.

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