Drum Roll, Please

You do know that in fairy tales the dragonslayer always cuts out the dragon’s tongue(s) (=either one tongue or seven tongues, depending on how many heads the aforementioned dragon had), don’t you? Imposters therefore don’t stand a chance, since they might be able to produce the beast’s carcass, but not the tongues. So in the end, the true dragonslayer always wins (except if has been killed by the dragon, of course!) and marries the virgin maiden (usually a princess).

I’m afraid I for one don’t have any dragons’ tongues to show for my deeds (besides, I don’t want to ick you out!), but I actually can do one better: I’ve got photographic proof that the baggy monster has indeed been slain. Here it is:

‘Tis not a dagger that you see before you, but the dratted diss, all ready to be handed in.

Look how big and fat it is! If necessary, it can also be used in self-defense against dragons: aim it at one of the dragon’s voolnerable spots (eye, nose, etc.) and throw it with all your might. If you’re lucky you either knock the dragon out or seriously slow it down. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Drum Roll, Please

  1. estara

    Okay I now finally know the size difference between a Zulassungsarbeit for the Staatsexamen as a teacher (which ended up 75 pages) and a dissertation (I picked the same colour for my book cover).

    Congratulations on this accomplishment!

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