No more CS1 exams! No more CS1 exams! No more Synod of Whitby! No more Magna Carta! No more History of Ireland! No more Rise & Fall of British Empire! No more Tudor mindmaps! No more tears! (Really, the Tay is not a mountain range; the Severn is not a lake; naming three Prime Ministers of the 20th century shouldn’t be an impossible deed; Thomas Beckett was not killed during the reign of Henry VIII; and the Synod of Whitby was most definitely NOT about choosing between the pagan Celtic religion – complete with druids – and Catholicism. No. No. No.)

Naturally, by now I feel as if my brain were complete empty… (Se CS1 exams haz suckd my heads dri — oh no!)

i so tired it be real long day
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Unfortunately, more corrections will follow on Monday. *sigh* (But at least these won’t contain 70-something versions of the Synod of Whitby!)