Done … sort of …

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I spent the past four hours finishing the preparations for the oral exams tomorrow — and realized there aren’t all that many questions I can ask my students about Henry VIII. This winter Henry VIII and the Tudor Age were among the most popular topics for oral exams, as well as the Development of Christianity and the Development of Parliament (no surprise there!). By Wednesday evening I will no doubt feel the urge to throttle stupid King John for ever signing the Magna Carta, and to kill off the whole lot of Palladius, St. Patrick and St. Augustine for ever bringing Christianity to the British Isles. *g*

3 thoughts on “Done … sort of …

  1. The Tudor Rose

    Hey, hey, it’s not like John WANTED to sign the Magna Carta… and it’s not like it was just those three Saintly sorts who brought Christianity… Cuthbert? Columba? Huh? Huh? :-p

    I wish I could come hang out and help with your course – it sounds excellent.

  2. Sandra Schwab

    And Aidan, of course! But since my students never made it as far as Palladius/St. Patrick or St. Augustine, but thought that the Celtic Church had something to do with druids, while the Church of Rome came to Britain with the Roman conquest under Claudius … Argh! Argh! Argh!

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