Now that teh horribelz dragonz are slain, I’ve finally got time again for other things. A life, for example. 🙂 As I mentioned a few days ago (oh, I posted that when I was working all through the night), one of the things I planned for The Time After was to sew a doll. So while I was printing out the dratted diss, I bought a pattern from Wee Wonderfuls, and after I had left the dratted diss at the photocopy shop to be bound, I went and bought some fabrics, too. And on Thursday, after I had handed in the dratted diss, I started the doll.

This is the front with the embroidered face (the eyes were supposed to be round, but apparently my satin stitch only lends itself to oval eyes)

And here’s the finished torso, stuffed tight. As you can see from the wrinkles at the bottom and the knobbly bit on top of her head, I had some problems sewing her bottom and head shut where the triangular pieces from the back, front, and the sides meet.

This going to be dolly’s hair: wrap wool around a piece of paper (or thin cardboard, if you’re using a sewing machine) and then sew down along the middle of the wrap (or wherever you want dolly’s hair to part).

Then remove the paper and sew wig onto dolly’s head.

This is what the back of the head looks like. I chose multicoloured wool because the different streaks of colour make for a nice effect.

Now dolly only needs arms and legs and some clothes.

Well, and her hair needs to be trimmed a little bit. All in all, I’m quite happy how my first doll is turning out. 🙂

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