Does this work?

I had a lovely smooching party with the Muse this morning (good thing, given the fast approaching deadline!), and once again things didn’t quite go according to plan (remember that time when I wrote CASTLE OF THE WOLF, and my heroine suddenly grabbed a knife and held it somebody’s throat? Yes, exactly like this not-going-according-to-plan. *ggg*). So this morning I wrote this very romantic scene set outside in the gardens of Rawdon Park (actually, it seems as if half of the book is set in the gardens of Rawdon Park … *scratching my head*), and quite suddenly my hero started to behave in the most silly fashion. I mean, helloooo, romantic scene, love of your life (well, sort of), would you please take this seriously? No, he wouldn’t.


But I went along with the flow (always a good thing if you don’t want your Muse to leave in a huff) and the result was a somewhat crude joke about Lord Elgin’s marbles.

Well, at least I think it is a joke. This is the tricky thing about writing in a second language: making the puns work. Sooo, could anybody tell me if the following joke actually works in English?

His warm breath carressed her ear. “Don’t tell me that the same young woman who didn’t bat an eye at the sight of Lord Elgin’s very nude marbles, now quakes at the thought of showing me her unstockinged foot?” he murmured.

Ineffectively, Amy tried to push him back. “This is different.” She gritted her teeth when he wouldn’t budge. “Those were statues. This is me!”

He pulled back, his brows knitted in a frown. “Did I just say ‘Lord Elgin’s nude marbles’?” His lips twitched, then he threw his head back and roared with laughter.

Amy dropped her forehead into her palm.

3 thoughts on “Does this work?

  1. Kate

    Ok, it _does_ work, but “marbles” is well down on the list of slang for that particular piece of the male anatomy. More often “marbles” refer to brains/sanity. If you’ve “lost your marbles”, you’ve gone nuts. That’s the context I think of marbles in more often, so it took me a while to get it.


  2. Sandra Schwab

    Kate, as I’ve already admitted on a message board: it’s not the best of jokes (and just shows you how desperate I am! *g*). But I’m going to leave it as it is for now and just see what ChrisK has to say about this (if he survives reading the first few pages of Bewitched, that is…)

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