DIY Chocolate

The internet is a wondrous place and with the launch of it has become even more wondrous for now you can create your own chocolate (hmmm!). Chocri allows you to choose your basic (bio and Fair Trade!!!) chocolate (white, milk, dark) and then add various ingredients and toppings such as cranberries, strawberries, stripes of mango, slices of kiwi fruit, rose leaves, smarties, gummibears, pepper, cinnamon, various herbs, gold powder, etc. etc.

According to several other German bloggers, the chocolate tastes yummylicious and initial problems with packing (and padding!!!) have now been solved. I hope they’re right: today I ordered two bars of dark chocolate for my Dad whose birthday is in early December. But it would have been a horrid waste of postage to order only two bars, right?


And we can’t have that. *ggg*

So naturally, I ordered a bar of milk chocolate (with cranberries) for myself. 🙂