Designing Bookmarks

In all the first-weeks-of-term flurry (not to speak of the adding-the-finishing-touches-to-dratted-diss misery), lining up my promo material for the LoveLetter Convention was of somewhat minor priority. But with only one month to go till the big event, I decided it was high time to do something about bookmarks and pretty things I would be able to sign. So I sat down last night and started to design.

The last batch of bookmarks for Castle of the Wolf didn’t turn out all that nice (granted, this was partly my fault because I forgot to convert my file into a CYMK image, but there were also issues with the overall quality), so I looked around for some other options. Let’s hope I’ll get better results with the new printer of my choice.

Designing bookmarks for Springtime Pleasures turned out to be surprisingly difficult – I wanted a nice, dark green for the background, but my first attempts all looked rather lame. Luckily, I remembered my trusty swirls, fiddled around with transparency, fonts, and what not, and ended up with this:

I like my bookmarks rather clean and uncluttered, and I think this will do the trick nicely. What do you think?

Now I only have to decide on the punctuation of the tagline:

Caught between duty & desire … Which one will he choose?

Caught between duty & desire – which one will he choose?
Caught between duty & desire, which one will he choose?

Hmm ….