Derrible Deeds of the Day

Dragged my students through almost 500 years of British history (from Norman invasion to Wars of the Roses, well we didn’t really manage to get to the Wars of the Roses …) in just 90 minutes. I’m afraid we suffered a few losses along the way.

Put the finishing touches to the dedication and author’s note of BEWITCHED.

Played with the Mobipocket Generator (available for free on the Mobipocket website) and managed to convert a txt file into a Mobi e-book with cover and table of contents! Now I just have to hope that the cover will show up on the Cybook, too! (I actually spent the larger part of Sunday evening downloading books from Project Gutenberg. For my new collection of Thackeray’s works, I created a cover of my own, using one of the lovely notebooks of Paper Blanks:

Apart from Thackeray’s books, I also started to download P.G. Wodehouse’s novels and searched online bookshops for old covers. It gave me a special thrill to choose those cover pics — I swear it was almost as good as catching sight of the actual books in an UBS!

Have I already mentioned that I can’t wait to get my Cybook? 🙂