“Der Erlkönig” (the abridged version)

I found this on the net and burst into giggles. So I just had to share (even though it’s in German. Sorry!):

Vater und Kind
reiten geschwind
durch Nacht und Wind.

Kommt ein Mann,
quatscht sie an,
ob der Kleine mitkommen kann.

Vater sagt “Nee!”
Kind sagt “Bäh”
Kommen nach Haus,
Kind tot, aus!

2 thoughts on ““Der Erlkönig” (the abridged version)

  1. Kate

    All right. So I tried with my rudimentary German and the fact that I speak an essentially Germanic language. Didn’t get it.

    Used the Babel Fish. Got a little more. Apparently the Babel Fish doesn’t know what “geschwind” and “quatscht” are…

    Are there literal translations to “Nee” and “Bäh”?

    Either way, I get the gist of the last verse and it made me giggle as well. I feel smart. S-M-R-T. That’s me!

  2. Sandy

    The translation would go something like this:

    Father and Child
    ride fast
    through wind and night.

    Comes a man,
    speaks to them,
    asks if the little one can come with him.

    Father says “Nay!”
    Child says “Ugh!”
    Arrive at home,
    child dead, end.

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