Decisions, decisions, decisions

One of my friends is expecting her second child (a baby boy) and this time around I plan to finish the quilt for the baby in time for his birth (and not months afterwards!). So I immediately started looking for suitable baby fabrics. Because of the uber-cuteness of available fabrics, I’ve decided to go for another panel + border quilt – it’s quick to finish (so there is indeed a chance that I’ll manage to finish the quilt before December!) and it’s kind of difficult to mess up (except if you start sewing needles into the quilt back, of course!). I fell in love with the Farm Corner line from Andover a while ago and so I decided on a Farm Corner quilt to welcome the little one into this world.

Imo, the fabrics are ideal for a baby: they are made in bright, cheerful colours and there are lots of things to discover:

But (of course there’s a but!) I also fell in love with the Kate & Nate line from Northcott Fabrics. There is not only this adorable alphabet panel:

… but also this sweet stripe yardage:

I simply couldn’t resist those little boys with their puppies. 🙂

However, I don’t think they’re quite as nice for a baby quilt, so I’ll keep them for a 1st birthday quilt. It pays off to plan ahead! 😉

PS: I ordered the Farm Corner fabrics from etsy and — as you can easily see — the Kate & Nate fabrics from the fabulous Fat Quarter Shop.