Daily Revelations: Monday

People are being mean to me on ebay: so far I’ve been outbidden twice *sob* and the only thing I’ve managed to buy (a Chinese tea set) (well, didn’t I tell you I’m crazy about tea sets?) will probably turn out to look butt-ugly. *sob-sob-sigh*

Talking about sex in the classroom is fraud with pitfalls. I’ve got the vague suspicion that my students were embarrassed when we talked about Gaskell’s sensual writing today. We all relished the various awwww-passages in the novel, though. 🙂

My lovely, lovely china has arrived. Now I just need to make space for it in the cupboard.

Duh-moment in the morning: realising that I’ve forgotten to download and convert my new ebooks, which meant I couldn’t start with another Kleypas novel this morning. :-/ To make up for it, I re-read my favourite passage from Gabaldon’s VOYAGER later on. Her writing is so delicious!