Crafty Old Hen

The next time I’m at uni (= next Tuesday), the registration for my seminar will start. Umpteen little students will be sitting in front of my office. And we all know how boring waiting can be, right? So I guess it’s my moral obligation to keep these poor people entertained. Right? Which is why I went and stocked up the excerpt-envelope taped to my door.

I didn’t choose the branding scene, though.


Do you think it would reduce student numbers if I would use the branding scene???

4 thoughts on “Crafty Old Hen

  1. Kate

    If you REALLY wanted to scare away your students, you’d just be letting them wait. You’re so bloody nice, giving them excerpts to entertain themselves with. Honestly. I’ve NEVER had a prof do that. I wanna be in your class.

    (What’s the class on? Another whirlwind tour of British history?)

  2. Sandy

    LILY BRAND excerpts. It’s shameless self-promotion, Kate. *g*

    Here’s the course description:

    Of Ghastly Monsters, Lonely Wanderers, and Merry Pilgrims: Survey of Medieval Literature

    2-std., Mi 8.15-9.45, P 106

    This course will serve as an introduction to medieval literature from Beowulf to The Canterbury Tales. We will solve the mystery of the one-eyed creature with the hundred heads, get an insight into early Christian beliefs in Britain, and see how Alison, the carpenter’s wife, let herself be seduced by gittern song and spiced wine. The texts we will discuss will cover a variety of genres and tones, ranging from the religious to the burlesque. Modern English translations will be provided for the Old English texts and for difficult Middle English passages, making a preliminary knowledge of medieval English not necessary.

    Texts: Beowulf: A New Verse Translation by Seamus Heaney. Bilingual ed. New York: Norton, 2000. – A reader with additional texts will be provided.
    Registration: during office hours, R 01-631; starting on Tuesday, 28 February. Attempts to register before that date will be ignored.

  3. Kate

    Sounds like my kinda class. I’ve done Beowulf in the original, as well as in translation… And ALL the Canterbury Tales as well as some other Chaucer. And lots of other Old English as well, both in translation and in the original.

    You, my dear, are my kinda prof! =)

    (And shameless self-promotion is always good!)

    Right. Now back to my article on the portrayal of the English Country House… It’s either that or a witchcraft pamphlet this evening… hm…

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