Cover Picture!!!

Some things are more easily solved than others — yesterday I found out that there might have been some sort of muddle, but there’s no trubble after all, which is a relief. In addition, I got the cover pic for BEWITCHED!!! Yay! It’s very different from the other two, but I think it has turned out lovely and the font they used is simply adorable! So here it is; how do you like it?

6 thoughts on “Cover Picture!!!

  1. Andi & Stien

    Omg, that’s one gorgeous cover! My oh my! Waaw… Really! I’m at loss for words. What a juicy background, hehehe, and great contrast.
    When’s the release planned? 😛

  2. Camille Alexa

    Errrm…not to upset anybody or anything (me and my big mouth!)

    But truly: I think your cover is very, very splendid. I hope the industry in general will move away from those dated covers with fakey bodies on them of fakey people. I promise you they turn off a lot of readers.

    O god. I hope I didn’t just offend a bunch more people.

  3. Anonymous

    I’m with Birdie on the stoopid man-boobies (in fact, they’re part of the reason I gave up blogging for a while).

    Your is much nicer. It’s intriguing and subtle and artistic. It looks like cover Art, which is quite rare these days.

    Oh, and congrats on the ebook reader!! I use my Palm Pilot and read Mobis and pdfs. It’s wonderful to be able to turn the page with a press of your thumb. (I am severely lazy, yes.)


  4. Sandra Schwab

    How ridiculous is it when you can’t post replies to your own blog? *sigh* Blogger ate all my earlier answers, so I hope this one will finally get through.

    Camille & Seeley, I’m so glad to hear you like the cover! (And S., I missed you — I was worried something might have happened when your blog went down).

    Camille, don’t worry, there are actually lots of romance readers out there who are not particularly fond of man titties on the covers of their books. Of course, it all depends on the manly boobs in question, I’d say. I don’t like the old clinch covers, but the cover for Helen Kirkman’s DESTINY was quite stunning, despite the neikkid guy. And the clinch they used for Karen Marie Moning’S SPELL OF THE HIGHLANDER is simply beautiful!

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