Comfort Reads

As my library pics have shown, I greatly enjoy Mills and Boon novels. Of course, this is in part because of all the secret babies, amnesia, second chance at love stories, and those wonderfully grumpy, brooding, sulking alpha guys. But even more importantly, I think this is because reading a Mills and Boon novel is one of the best ways for me to relax. Other novels might grip me more deeply and over a longer time, but this can be a disadvantage when my. mind is full of other things. With a Mill and Boon novel you can dive into the story and come out of it only a short time later, feeling happy and refreshed.

Mills and Boon novels are the only books I re-read front to back on a regular basis. Indeed, I can safely say so far I’ve I re-read nearly all of my M and B novels at least three times. One of the authors who never fails to give me a warm, fuzzy feeling is Susan Fox. My favourite book of hers is THE PRODIGAL WIFE — rancher plus second chance at love. Luvehly!

More about this tomorrow before I fall asleep over the keyboard.

Good night, everybody! :O)