Coitus Fictus Interruptus

I’ve just realized it’s not a good thing to stop in the middle of a love scene and don’t go back to it for a couple of days. So I’ve managed to get Ginny and Ash into the bedroom. And then they do this:

He stepped towards her and his warmth and scent enveloped her. “Are you nervous?” her murmured against her ear.

She lifted her shoulder. “A little. It’s been so long …”

He laughed unsteadily then gave her earlobe a quick, but tender lovebite.

“And I am terrified.”


Who the heck says that last sentence? I think it is Ash, but where do I want to go from there? Aaargh!

Moral: Do NOT let yourself be interrupted when writing a love scene!

One thought on “Coitus Fictus Interruptus

  1. Sandy

    Oh, and just in case anybody thinks that headline means something terribly naughty: it’s just a fictional coitus interruptus. *g*

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