Christmas Mail All Done

You know you’ve written a large amount of Christmas cards when

  1. it’s taken you more than one day to write them all.
  2. you’ve ordered them at VistaPrint.
  3. it’s actually taken you more than two days to write them all.
  4. they don’t all fit into an average-sized plastic bag.
  5. your desk disappears for days on end under a large pile of cards, envelopes, address stickers, rolls of wrapping paper, ribbons, promo material, an assortment of small presents, small wooden ornaments, etc.
  6. the sight of Christmas cards makes you want to cry.
  7. the nice lady behind the counter at the post office spends a good twenty minutes sticking stamps onto your assorted cards and parcels.

Yesterday I brought my Christmas mail to the post office (and have you noticed the date? have you??? almost two weeks before Christmas! it’s a mircale!!! *g*). Now I only need to write four or five cards more. I’m good this year. 🙂

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