Charlotte MacLeod

Remember that book I bought because it came with a letter from Dorothy Dunnett? And how pleased I was to discover she must have been as charming and witty in real life as her books suggest? Well, I’ve just found out that the same must have been true about Charlotte MacLeod: I’ve stumbled across this lovely site which features letters MacLeod wrote to a reader and friend. Seeing those charming illustrations in her letters makes you somehow aware that despite the beauty of e-mails something does get lost …

Here’s a link to said site:


2 thoughts on “Charlotte MacLeod

  1. Bebe Thomas

    Hi Sandy,

    I came across your link on Lili Adams’ blog. I love the look of your website. I’m a Pride and Prejudice junky, so I’ll be back!

  2. Sandy

    Bebe, welcome to my very pink blog! Please come and chat whenever you feel like it. 🙂 I’ve just hopped over to your site — I love the ocean design! It looks so fresh and holidayish. Very lovely, indeed!

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