Chapter 3 Is Complete!!!!

I’ve just finished Chapter 3, which means we’ve arrived and passed the first turning point of the story. I’m not yet quite satisfied with the delivery of the last sentence, which constitutes something of a punch line. So I’ll need to look at it again in a few days’ time.

I’ve found that I absolutely love writing dialogue for my hero and his friends. They’re constantly bickering and bantering, and it’s a challenge and a joy to give them witty and elegant lines. Well, at least I hope they are witty and elegant!

Spent some time today studying the location and the layout of Albany, a set of appartments in Piccadilly. Actually, I think I took a picture of it when I was last in London: it’s situated right next to what is now the Royal Academy of Arts.

One thought on “Chapter 3 Is Complete!!!!

  1. Dorie

    Hi Sandy, long time no see, Lol.

    I’m glad that you are still writing your heart out. 😀 I am sure the writing is witty and elegant, it is you we are talking about. ^_^

    I hope you and your fur babies are feeling great!

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