Can you believe this?

I’ve just read on a romance readers board about this poor woman who had to go overseas, stored her romance collection at a relative’s — and said relative gave the books away!!! WITHOUT ASKING HER BEFOREHAND!!!!!! Can you imagine? She returns home and all her books are just gone? How awful is that? Gosh, I feel so bad for her! I would give this relative of hers hell! And I mean HELL! Argh!

2 thoughts on “Can you believe this?

  1. Kate

    Holy crap, I’d kill the relative. Ok, granted, I only have about 10 romance novels, but if anyone gave ANY of my books away without asking…. oooh….

  2. Sandy

    Holy crap, I’d kill the relative.

    That’s exactly what I thought! Nobody touches my books and gets away with it!

    Apparently that poor woman had several hundred books stored with that relative. And now they’re all gone. That’s definitely one of the worst nightmares for all booklovers!

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