Cake Experiments

I love cake experiments! They’re so wonderfully soothing and relaxing. And you end up with lots of cake. What’s not to like?

So today I decided I’d give the wonder dough from “1 Dough – 50 Cakes” a try. So off I went to buy eggs, egg liqueur, juice, and milk (I always in danger of running out of milk – I love the stuff!). Forgot the coconut milk. Never mind, I still had desiccated (oh, look! I’ve just learnt a new word!) coconut hiding in the depths of my kitchen cabinets.

I used muffin pans (easier to clean) and the stir-dough-by-hand method (less stuff to clean) and baked four batches of muffins: 1x egg liqueur cake, 1x exotic (orange-mango-pineapple juice + desiccated coconut) cake, 2x chocolate-almond-orange cake. I’m very happy indeed with the results, especially with the first two. The egg liqueur cake muffins are unbelievably fluffy, and the exotic cake tastes fresh and lovely.

I iz happy. 🙂

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