Button Love & WIP

O, the things you do to keep yourself from grading papers! I, for example, are in the process to succumbing to red hot button-lust. Aren’t these darlings pretty?

I’ve already got these – I love the slight retro touch. They would look lovely on a pastel pink Sencha blouse.

But these are very cute, too:

And these:

And these, too:

Apart from succumbing to button-lust, I’m also smooching with the Muse again these days. (Yay! She’s back!!!!). And I’m happy to report that I’ve got names for my hero (George Augustus Frederick Griffin) and heroine (Carlotta Staunton, short Charlie), for her best friend (Emma-Louise, short Emma-Lee) and that I’ve finished the first chapter this morning. 🙂