Burleigh Is Evil

Yes. Evil. Eeeeeeeehvuul even!

How could I resist?

8 thoughts on “Burleigh Is Evil

  1. Sandra Schwab

    And I even got them for a reduced price. (It was almost two-for-one!) 🙂

    The pattern of the top jug is Black Willow – it’s kind of nice to think that this is a pattern which could already be found on Regency tables (back then it was blue and white). It was first engraved in 1780.

    And I’ve just found out that it is apparently meant to tell a story (and a tragic love story at that!): Willow

  2. Sandra Schwab

    Well, sort of no HEA: in the end, the two star-crossed lovers die, but the gods are so touched by their love that they transform them into two doves, eternally flying together in the sky. You can just see them on the left of the jug, below the pour-thingie.

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