Building a Castle

You’ll be happy to hear that so far my heroine has not yet run away with the stableboy. (Please imagine one very relieved author.) Well, I didn’t give her a chance to run away with the stableboy. For today it occurred to me that I haven’t yet mapped out the castle. THE main setting. And I always, always work with plans. Or maps. Or whatever comes in handy.

So today I built a castle.

And it turned out it’s a rather good thing I’ve got this habit of buying random books which I might (or might not) need for future research. I’ve got books on the medieval warhorse, on colours, on Victorian shopping, dogs, wolves, snails (when I was little I had a snail — “Schnucki” — as a pet), Paris, underwear, tea, pirates, Celts, etc. And seven years ago I bought a book with the nice title BURGENKUNDE, a reprint of a book originally published in 1912. It’s got 711 pages and it tells you everything, everything about the architecture of castles. *biiig smile*

So I built a very nice castle today!


One thought on “Building a Castle

  1. Silvana

    Wow, I always wonder where do you get all the information, authors! It’s very difficult to find some things… Sometimes I write for fun and when I need some history information it’s rather difficult to find it… Great idea! (Buying all those books you just said…) 😉

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