As you know, I was working on the revisions of THE BRIDE PRIZE these past few days. These were the hardest revisions I’ve ever done (mainly because I didn’t properly plan the story from the get-go), and there was a lot of red on the pages. Like, A LOT!

In the end, I was so very frustrated that I decided to switch colours to make the pages look a little less horrid. And with a little help from my friends (in the picture below you can see a promo pen Debra Holland gave me when we met at the IndieUncon in San Francisco back in February) I muddled through a few more chapters, until….

….until I hit a major, major roadblock. I grappled with that one scene for days and days and days and DAYS. And it was beyond depressing because I just couldn’t figure out how to resolve this dratted scene — until this afternoon!!! Wheee!!!!

Well, actually, I had already scribbled what eventually became the solution onto a post-it the night before: just before I went to bed, the Muse struck me over the head. 🙂

After a final read-through tomorrow morning, both THE BRIDE PRIZE and DEVIL’S RETURN will go to my copy editor, and for me it’s then on to A TANGLED WEB (which will probably be a similarly hard nut to crack as THE BRIDE PRIZE – oh joy!)