Got four packages of books today. FOUR!!!! Yay! What a wonderful day! :O)

Have you ever bought a book just because of its cover? I have — Helen Kirkman’s DESTINY. (This is all Dorie’s fault since I saw that particular book on her blog! *g*) Isn’t the cover simply gorgeous?

But what makes this day even more wonderful: the Muse is back! After a most miserable weekend and Monday afternoon when I just couldn’t write or only produced the most horrid prose imaginable (isn’t curious that I get my chapter-three-blues even when I’m writing a novella?), I finally got some writing done this morning before breakfast. Sitting on one of the stools in the kitchen with my AlphaSmart on my lap is apparently a pose the Muse thinks of as appropriate for kissing-sessions. :O)

One thought on “Books

  1. Dorie

    You still go to my blog Sandy…I haven’t updated in forever! I didn’t think anyone would go there unless they were desperately bored, Lol. But hey, I’m glad you bought a book because you saw it there. ^_^ (speaking of which, I have to change that, I’m reading something else now)

    Anyway, I hope you like it. I can’t even remember everything about it but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. I do think the cover is striking.

    I hope your novella is progressing, I still can’t wait until it’s finished.



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