Books, Cats, & Me — all set up!

As you know I’ve been thinking about creating an academic podcast to accompany my courses at university. Well, to get me going, I’ve set up a new account at libsyn today as well as an additional blog. Thus, on you will find the “pure” podcast, while will feature more detailed show notes with additional information, like sources, pictures, etc.

Books, Cats, & Me will be a mostly unedited podcast, meaning you’ll get to hear all the funny sounds (like “um”, “er”, “oh”, “duh”) I normally cut out after recording a podcast episode. But as I use scripts for my lessons, I hope there won’t be too many “um”s.

I don’t really know yet when I’ll launch Books, Cats, & Me properly, by uploading the first episode. However, I can already tell you what’s going to be the topic of the first 10 episodes: British History! 🙂 We’ll start with the last ice age and end with the Bloody Sunday of 1972.

I hope you will enjoy Books, Cats & Me! For me, it’s certainly going to be an exciting experiment testing new methods of teaching and learning.

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