Book Launch Party!!!

Please join me at Unusual Historicals to celebrate the release of BEWITCHED. You can even win a signed copy of the book if you leave a comment or question. 🙂

How do you turn your uncle’s house blue?
What do Dunnett’s Lymond Chronicles have to do with Fox and Amy’s story?
What became the soundtrack for BEWITCHED?
And what will the horrid Green Man do to poor Alexandie?

Join the party and find out!

2 thoughts on “Book Launch Party!!!

  1. M.

    Hi Sandra,
    Of course I saw your German last name since I began visiting ‘Unusual Historicals’, but I didn’t realize you actually live in Germany till the release party. The world is small! I used to live in Langenhain, Kreisstadt Hofheim, and liked to visit Mainz, Wiesaden and Frankfurt by train with my classmates.

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