Today is my blogging day on Unusual Historicals. Our topic for this month is “Families & Children”, and this presented me with the perfect opportunity to write about one of my favourite museums, the Museum of Childhood in Edinburgh (as featured in my very first — and still unpublished — novel in English: HIGHLAND LOVE). Enjoy!

Last Friday the lovely Laura Vivanco posted an analysis of BEWITCHED on Teach Me Tonight. As always it’s terribly exciting to see other people discussing one of my books.

Last but not least, I’d like to pimp the blog of my former crit partners on the Ladies of Lallybroch Lit Forum, where I took my first stumbling steps in writing fiction in English. Without these lovely ladies I would have never made it this far! Not only did they teach me so much, but they also helped me to find my (English) voice. Their blog, Face the Page, is a truly wonderful project: they post weekly writing prompts, thoughts on the writer’s life, quotes from famous writers, and much more. Please have a look and say hello. 🙂

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  1. Cherie

    Hi there 🙂
    Thank you for the message. I’m still reading Castle of the Wolf and loving it more and more with each passing page =) I was wondering: how did you come up with the story idea?

    Thank you again for commenting on my review of your book. You’re definitely a talented author and I’m looking forward to reading Bewitched as well 🙂


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