Bloggers’ Quilt Festival Spring 2010: My Very First Quilt

Once again Amy from Amy’s Creative Side is hosting a Bloggers’ Quilt Festival. And this time, I even have a quilt I can enter (woohoo!). Granted, it’s not the craftiest of quilts and the quilting is a bit of a laugh (it’s of the let’s-see-whether-we-can-feed-this-through-the-sewing-machine-oh-look-I-can-quilt-a-straight-line! variety), BUT it was sewn with much love (and that is what counts, isn’t it?).

I sewed “Rebecca’s Quilt” for the baby daughter of a very good friend of mine. Rebecca loves animals and so the fabrics of Moda’s “Love U” line were perfect for her quilt. This is the front:

And the back:

And the cute label that was included in the Love U ABC panel:

This was the very first quilt I finished (so far, it’s also the only quilt I’ve ever finished – I do hope I’ll have some more time for sewing later this year) (in autumn, perhaps), and sewing process was full of “yay, I can do this!” discoveries. As can be expected, there were also a number of ooops moments as when I sewed a flower-head pin into the quilt ….

(See how neatly the flowerhead has been attached to the back of the quilt?)

… or when I realised after the quilting was done why the back and the batting should always be a bit larger than the front.

Ooops, indeed. But hey, all you need to do in such a case is to adjust the size of the binding. 😉

Despite all the quilt’s minor (or major, depending on your POV) flaws, I am very happy with the finished result. And more importantly, Rebecca is, too.

And now please head over to Amy’s and have a look at all the other wonderful entries!

24 thoughts on “Bloggers’ Quilt Festival Spring 2010: My Very First Quilt

  1. Dolly

    Oh, that’s a wonderful quilt and such an adventure for a first-time quilt ! (love the flower-head pin part !)

    That young lady needs a copy of this post typed up to put with the quilt or in a scrapbook with these photos ! What a cherishable love gift.

  2. PJ

    Your quilt is wonderful… and a great first project. Gotta start somewhere and you did a great job in your selection. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. the momma

    What a sweet quilt! and it will ‘grow’ with the Babe, too ~ that makes it extra special 🙂

    thanks for your kind words about my quilt & little sweetie

    I actually lived in Germany (many moons ago…) for a few years when my husband was stationed in Baumholder. My oldest daughter was born in Landstuhl 🙂 making Germany dear to my heart.

    Isn’t the internet an amazing thing? connecting people all over the world.
    many blesses to you ~ Tracy

  4. Kristen

    This a great quilt for the first time quilter! I love the label. Poor pin! You should see what sad bent pins I make. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Sarah Craig

    What a beautiful first quilt!! I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you post next year, with some more experience under your belt!!

  6. Heather

    Very cute quilt. I find that no matter how many I make, each one is a learning experience and that I still do silly things. Don’t worry about the pin incident, you’ve learned from it.

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