BLC Highlights

  • my first mini-reading as published author :O)
  • readers wanting to take a picture of me (I felt like a celebrity!)
  • readers who brought their copy of TLB all the way from the Netherlands so I could sign it for them!
  • having dinner with Kathleen Givens & hubby, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Diana Love-Snell (during said dinner I found out that they don’t have white asparagus in the US — a very strange concept for a German! *g*)

4 thoughts on “BLC Highlights

  1. Sandy

    But, Kate, asparagus IS white. It’s the green asparagus that’s the exotic thing! *ggg*

  2. Dorie

    Hey Sandy, sorry I haven’t emailed you yet, but I will. I’ve been a bit swamped but that’s no excuse.

    It sounds like you had fun though!

    And I’m sure you have many fans, I for one would love an autographed book, lol.

    I have seen white asparagus in the store before, both fresh and canned. I would love to try it sometime. I’ve only had the green one but I love it.


    I will talk to you later. ^_^

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