I’ve just found a new review of THE LILY BRAND on I Just Finished Reading — wow! JenniferB really, really liked the book:

Schwab is brutally honest with emotion and circumstances throughout. She does not stoop to using passion as salve or titled arrogance as protection against evil. Troy and Lillian do not “find” each other through a mutual passion and both remain highly vulnerable—regardless of position or societal rank. In this sense, The Lily Brand was as far from a typical historical romance as you can get.

Schwab’s prose is as compelling as her characterization skills. Without stumbling, she immerses the reader in the story, enveloping us in rich detail, palpable emotion and stark fear. So despite the discomfort, we remain committed. I like a book that can command my attention like that. An author that can compel me to keep reading.

And isn’t that a lovely quotation with which to call an end to this day and totter off to bed? 🙂

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