I’ve actually managed to finish writing the next chapter of BETRAYAL — today! Yay! Well, I still have to go over it again and polish it a little, but all in all, I’m rather pleased with myself (which just shows that I must be suffering from partial amnesia :lalalalalala: because I planned to have finished the whole fricking novella by the end of August :lalalalalala🙂 The story is getting longer than I had planned, but that hardly comes as a surprise: after all, I’ve got a tendency to write really looooooooong stories (and take an awfully loooooong time to write them, too! grrr) In addition, my heroine is getting some really strange (and unplanned by author!) ideas. (Which also should come as no surprise) (Would somebody please tell my characters that surprising behaviour on their part is not necessarily good for their author’s peace of mind??? And if you’re at it, remind them that I’m actually a nice author, who doesn’t drop stuff like mountains on them, but hey, that can always change, if you know what I mean! I can always call in the meteors or the horrible aliens bent on kidnapping humans, just so you know!)