Started to work properly on BETRAYAL again. (Well, if I want to start the reading at the beginning of August, I had better start writing now, right?) My heroine is walking along the banks of the Main and is having impure thoughts about her employer’s secretary.

Georgina remembered how he had looked earlier today — deliciously hot and
tussled –, remembered the pang of heat that had exploded in her stomach.

Smiling, she touched her lips.

For all his gentleness, there was still heat there, the promise of
beautiful passion. She had seen it in the flare of his eyes, in the strength of
his fingers that had craddled hers while he pressed his lips into her

Outrageously, skin to skin.

Her smiled turned dreamy.

At the tingles that had shot up her arm, she had not been able to prevent a
gasp, half a moan, really. He had let go of her hand, but his gaze had still
held fast to hers. His lips had curved into a lazy smile, making her think of
how his mouth would feel on other parts of her body — her neck, her breasts,
the soft flesh of her belly …

PS: Note how I changed her name from Georgiana to Georgina. And no Ginnying at the moment, either!

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  1. Carrie22

    Sounds really interesting! I really can’t wait to hear the story.

    Georgina reminds me of Enid Blyton’s “Famous Five”. George was always my favourite character. 😉

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