Been busy this week!

Went to ikea and university on Wednesday: needed to get some books from our library, found a scrap of paper with my notes from last summer in one of them *g*, placed a huge, HUGE, HUUUUUGE order at abebooks — and finally managed to get myself registered for the PAN programme (= for published writers) at RWA. Wednesday evening I wondered how the heck I had managed to stuff the wicker armchair into the back of my car because it sure wouldn’t come out of it. Mum intervened (yay for Mums!) and together we finally got that thing dragged out of my car. Yet upstairs in my flat I then realized that the quality of those wicker chairs has continually decreased in the past years and that the new wicker chair looks absolutely ghastly with the old wicker chairs. *roll eyes*

On Thursday I did some internet research for my dissertation. I was absolutely thrilled about what I found out — until I realized my four-hour internet research would end up bundled into a footnote. An eenie-weenie footnote….

And yesterday I spent mostly with feeling sorry for myself because A) I felt like crap, and B) one of my cats was sick about five or six times throughout the flat. And you know how cats are always sick twice? Yep. That made 10 or 12 kitty messes. (Something’s wrong with her tummy, the poor thing.)

And I also thought about redesigning my website. So I spent the afternoon browsing for suitable pictures and playing with my version of Photo Shop. :O)

2 thoughts on “Been busy this week!

  1. Annie

    My cat has got sick and non-sick days (that means that on some days she just does not stop throwing up). I have no idea why… Yesterday at the veterinary’s we wanted to have her vaccinated, but now she’s got a bronchitis and is busy coughing all day. Oh boy…kitties are really sweet, but you can’t stop worrying about them. 🙁

  2. Sandy

    Oh boy…kitties are really sweet, but you can’t stop worrying about them.

    Exactly. And between myself and my parents, we’ve got five kitties to worry about. So everybody at our vet’s knows us very well indeed. *g*

    I hope your cat’s will get well soon, Annie!

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