Baking with the Easter Bunny

And look! The Easter Bunny is also an Easter egg! All at the same time!!

Easter Bunny is an Easter egg is an Easter bunny is an Easter egg …

It’s almost …

… almost …

… almost philosophical!

But more importantly: there’s not the tiniest trace of a dragon tail in sight! Whew, lucky me! 🙂

So let the baking begin!

I decided to do it all “by hand” today. There’s something so satisfying about stirring the butter and the sugar and the eggs with your own hands. Something almost primeval. It’s how Cook would have made cake in your Regency hero’s country estate. And he in turn would have fed those dainty morsels to the heroine while whispering sweet nothings into her ear. During those blissful moments they would have lain in his big, big four-poster bed, of course. And if she would have made a mess, he would have picked up all the crumbs afterwards.
With his lips.
Oh my!
Eh …

Where was I?
Ah, here: the flour, the cocoa, and the cinnamon.

Now take a look at the next picture and tell me what’s wrong with it:


Exactly. The itty-bitty container look almost the same. But only in in one of them is cinnamon… And let me tell you, the itty-bitty container which contains the chicken seasoning looks very, very similar, too. So it’s generally a good idea to check whether you’ve got the right spice pot.

I call this “drowning the dough in red wine.” 🙂

From dough to cake in 15 minutes:

The other half of the dough went into regular muffin moulds:

And that was it. Baking with the Easter Bunny 2009. And now let the tea parties begin! 🙂