Baking-Fest Impressions

Let’s start with … orange chocolate tea cakes:

red currant muffins

red wine tea cakes

coconut banana muffins

egg liqueur tea cakes

Now my freezer is stuffed to the brim with yummilicious things and I’m well prepared for tea parties / unexpected guests / sudden cake cravings. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Baking-Fest Impressions

  1. Sandra Schwab

    No, I’m afraid the cookies haven’t arrived yet. But I’m sure they’ll be here soon!

    Carolyn, you really should think about moving to my corner of the world. Then I could invited you to tea parties each and every week. 🙂 Or perhaps I might just move to the USA after all — I’m currently watching “Stephen Fry in America” and I’m loving it. Though I probably wouldn’t move to Wisconsin … Much too cold for my liking. (Though I have to say, the humid heat in Georgia nearly killed me back in 2006. I collapsed in a Barnes and Noble after wandering through that dreadful heat for what seemed hours on end.) Watching the series, I get a warm, tingly feeling whenever Fry drives through a state that I have visited. (Woohooo, Georgia! Wooohooo, Florida!) (Texas, California and Nevada are going to be covered in the next episodes.)

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